TransAct Futures Software Downloads and Installation Instructions


Why trade through TransAct Futures?

Your goal as a trader is to make money. Your trading firm should share this goal. Priorities should be aligned and resources created to facilitate your trading success. Here are the three reasons to choose TransAct Futures as your electronic trading firm:

  1. We understand stability.You need not give up dependability in pursuit of lower rates. TransAct Futures creates trading platforms that work. TransAct Futures has leveraged over a decade of experience in developing the firm’s TransActAT™ trading platform.
    • TransActAT has been battle tested by professional traders around the world..
    • We listen to our customers to determine if there is an area requiring further development, or some new functionality that would help their trading.
    • As a firm, we make these suggested changes happen.
    • We’ve designed TransActAT to be the best futures scalping, inter-market spreading and position trading platform available.
  2. We understand support. TransAct Futures provides fast, effective and accountable support services. We call our one-call capability TransAct Integrated Support™. It’ll save you time, money and aggravation.
    • When you open an account with TransAct Futures, you’ll be given the toll free number to the firm’s Integrated Support line.
    • Whether you call to discuss a technology matter, or to talk through a trade issue, you’ll be speaking directly with a single representative who will provided the answers you seek.
    • He has an average of three years on the job.
    • He has a trader and other system developers, including several responsible for creating the TransActAT active trading platform, within earshot. If he doesn’t know the answer (which he typically does), the person with the right expertise is mere steps away.
  3. We understand pricing. Because we provide clearing services in addition to the TransActAT platform, the number of parties adding their markup to the trading process is greatly reduced. This more streamlined firm structure enables TransAct Futures to offer ourTransAct Ultra-Competitive Commissions.
    • We only trade electronic futures markets, so our executions aren’t dependent on human interaction. As a result, TransAct Futures is able to offer among the lowest commissions in the industry.
    • As an active trader, your access to the TransActAT Active Trading Platform is free.