TransAct Futures Software Downloads and Installation Instructions


TransAct Futures TransActAT ™

In developing its various software platforms, TransAct Futures leverages over 20 years of experience in providing a fast, reliable trading platform for active traders.

TransActAT™ Active Futures Trading Platform

For active, experienced electronic futures traders who don’t want to give up service quality for ultra-competitive pricing, TransAct Futures offers the TransActAT™ active trading platform.

TransActAT is a streamlined and customizable futures trading platform, built to the rigorous standards of active scalpers, inter-market spreaders, arbitrage and position traders. TransActAT was developed for, and is continually tested by, professional traders around the world.

View the market:

View the market using Linear Market Depth displays.

Use TransActAT’s ‘Scoreboard’ window to view more than one market. Are you trading the yield curve? See the whole curve on one screen.

See cumulative last trade and the cumulative volume on the linear Market Depth Screen, as well as your last three trades, and session highs and lows.

Trade the market:

Quick-Click Trading gives you the option of entering your orders at the click of a mouse.

Cancel all your open orders quickly, with a single click, by using TransActAT’s Cancel-All feature. Look for the prominent exclamation point window on your TransactAT desktop. You’ll also find Cancel-All functionality on each transaction-related window.

Configure TransActAT to enter market, limit, stop, or stop limit orders, assign restrictions and set stop and limit prices.

Monitor your trades:

Follow TransActAT’s real-time list of open orders and use the system’s ‘Modify Order’ window to alter orders by price or quantity.

Always monitor your current positions using TransActAT’s Trades window. Use the Status area to know if your orders have been successfully sent, filled or cancelled.