TransAct Futures Software Downloads and Installation Instructions


TransAct Software

In developing its various software platforms, TransAct Futures leverages over 10 years of experience in providing a fast, reliable trading platform for active traders.

TransActAT™ Active Futures Trading Platform

TransActAT active futures trading platform is streamlined trading software ideally suited for active futures scalpers and position traders. TransActAT offers access to TransAct Integrated Service , a dedicated support function providing a single, expert point of contact for traders seeking a TransAct professional to provide both technical and trade-related support.

TransAct RiskWatcher

TransAct active trading platform is augmented by the TransAct RiskWatcher, TransAct's assertive risk management system offering trading firms and institutional clients the ability to set individual trader gain/loss parameters that, when met, automatically liquidate the account's open trades. The additional confidence afforded firms and institutions using RiskWatcher enables them to offer more competitive margin rates.