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Integrated Support

What’s the name of your current support person?When you have a trading issue - whether technological or trade-related - the last thing you want to be a part of is the “trading firm finger pointing game”, with the brokerage firm pointing their finger at the technology vendor, who points right back at the brokerage.

We realize that your time is valuable and we don’t play those types of games. Unlike most firms, TransAct Futures provides both the software and clearing services.Integrated Support Homemeans that our front-line support team deftly handles account issues; and knows theTransactAT™ active futures trading platforminside and out.

When you call the TransAct Futures Integrated Support line, you’ll be speaking with a dedicated, expert, human point of contact adept at providing both technical and account-related support. This same support professional will be responsible for resolving your issue quickly, competently and completely. Although most issues can be resolved by your support professional, he has the TransAct system developers and the firm's professional traders within earshot, able to weigh in on complex issues.

Our commitment: First call. First contact. Issue resolved.