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Individual Trading

TransAct Futures: The best firm for active futures traders.

Here’s why:

TransAct Futures was developed around the needs of active traders. They’ve helped us develop services that focus on what’s important to a trader; and we’ve done away with the things that aren’t.


As an active trader, you need your trading platform to bestable, flexibleandintuitive. Our TransactAT active trading futures platform was built to the rigorous standards of professional scalpers, inter-market spread, arbitrage and position traders. The platform is battle tested every trading day by professional traders around the world.

TransAct AT has the same types of functionality found in other respected futures trading platforms, and offers some enhancements in speed and ease of order entry. Check out our trading simulator to experience TransAct AT, and see for yourself what happens when technology and trading interact daily.

TransAct Ultra-Competitive Commissions

Because we trade only electronic futures markets, and provide both clearance services as well as the TransActAT trading platform, our firm reduces the layers involved in processing your trade, and decreases the number of parties adding their markup to the process. As a result, TransAct Futures is able to offerTransAct Ultra-Competitive Commissions, with our non-discounted rates starting lower than most brokers’ discounted rates.

TransAct Integrated Support™

As an individual trader, your time is precious. You need a broker who partners with you in exploring and resolving any support issues. If you’ve ever made multiple contacts to brokerage and technology support representatives in a frustrating search for the resolution to a relatively minor issue, then you know the experience of feeling totally alone in advocating your issue; and you begin to understand why we’ve placed such a high priority on this aspect of our service.

TransAct Futures’ Integrated Support means that our front-line support team deftly handles account issues; and knows the TransactAT active trading platform inside and out.Our commitment: First call. First contact. Issue resolved.