TransAct Futures Software Downloads and Installation Instructions


Why TransAct?

Your goal as a trader is to make money. Your trading firm should share this goal. Priorities should be aligned and resources created to facilitate your trading success. Here are the three reasons to choose TransAct Futures as your electronic trading firm:

  • We understand Pricing
  • We understand Stability
  • We understand Support
Plus More!!

offering Sierra Charts

Now Offering Sierra Charts software as an addition to our TransActAT front end. Sierra Charts offers a robust Charting package. That integrates and works side by side with the TransActAT platform. The combination of TransActAT and Sierra Charts gives you:

  • Order Bracketing (auto placement of profit and loss)
  • TransAct's lightning-fast backend
  • Reliable intraday and historical Charts
Plus More!!

offering Trade Navigator

Now Offering Trade Navigator software as an alternative to our TransActAT front end. Trade Navigator features Trading, Charting & Analytics in one package. Also:

  • Tight Integration with TransAct's lightning-fast backend
  • Real-time simulation and live trading in multiple markets and accounts simultaneoulsy.
  • Order Bracketing (auto placement of profit and loss)
Plus More!!

Ensign charting package

Now Offering Ensign Software charting package as an addition to our TransActAT front end. Ensign Software is a state of the art charting package. Ensign Software gives you:

  • TIntegration with our lightning fast data feed
  • Technical Analysis
  • Dozens of studies and drawing tools
Plus More!!

TransAct Ultra-Competitive Commissions

TransAct Futures understands pricing. Providing clearing services, in addition to the TransActAT™ active futures trading platform reduces the layers involved in processing your trades and decreases the number of parties adding their markup to the process. We trade only electronic futures markets, so our executions aren’t dependent on human interaction. As a result, TransAct Futures is able to offer TransAct Ultra-Competitive Commissions.

That’s what we call TransAct Futures Ultra-Competitive Commissions.

For a full overview of commission rates and optional fees, please refer to our fees page.